Painting Atelier


This course is for all levels - oil or acrylic paints.

You will learn how to create a painting, from choosing a canvas through to the finishing.

In the first two weeks of the course, adults learn to see colour, shape and tone, paint applications and to relate these elements together in compositions.  We then move onto painting your inspiration whether that is an image/drawing with guidance from your tutor.  Please bring inspirational images/drawings to the first class to discuss with your tutor.

This course aims to nurture self-confidence and enjoyment of painting in a stimulating, fun and relaxing environment. You will receive plenty of guidance from the tutor.

By far the most important part - your own artwork. Many students choose to keep work at the studio and create and develop their painting and drawing projects over time. The  painting class is small so time is given to answer any specific question you might have. The classes are friendly and completely non-judgemental, so please don't worry if you are new to art.

Studio supplies:  palettes, jars, easels, pencils, paper, some paints and brushes.  Materials list will be provided on booking.

Please provide on booking what preferred medium you are working in - oil or acrylic.

Teacher:  Sid Pattni

6.15pm to 8.45pm
10.00am to 12.30pm
9.30am to 12.30pm
Cost:  $275


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