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Adult Mosaic Classes

Smalti – Byzantine

During this workshop you will make a copy of an ancient mosaic from Roman, Byzantine or Medieval period cemented directly onto a substrate.  You will learn about working with Mexican Smalti, different ways to cut smalti to complete a small smalti mosaic using the direct method.

You can choose from a number of set designs or create your own. The designs are achievable within the time frame and give scope to a number of smalti cuts and andamento styles.

Term courses are held at:

It’s no secret, we love anything handmade…

Natalie opens the window onto the art of mosaics in a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere.

Courses for Families

With this course you’ll have the opportunity to create something special with your family, while learning the techniques of an ancient craft.

Course to be held at Natalie’s home studio.

Nat has been my art teacher for 2 years, I love her!   She is so much fun, has great ideas, but lets me explore my own ideas and creativity.  That is what I like the most.

Wavey, 11 years -  Karrinyup

Advanced Course

In this course you will create a mosaic of your own design, translating your drawing, painting or photograph into a mosaic – or perhaps creating a three dimensional mosaic sculpture.  You and Natalie will decide together the most suitable technique and material for your project.

This course will also able you to do large installation pieces or work on a particular kind of mosaic.

Advanced courses are run on Tuesdays from Natalie’s home studio.

Maximum 3 per group to ensure individual attention is given.

Commissions are welcome where you can work alongside Natalie.

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